1949 Ford F-5: Work Truck Turned Hot Rod

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1949 Ford F-5 Hot Rod Front

Power Stroke diesel and a fraction of the original Ford body make this one remarkable antique truck.

The 1949 Ford F-5 came from the factory as a 1.5-ton in a variety of configurations including school busses, cab-over-engine and a conventional layout with the engine out in front of the cab. The truck shown here started life as a hard-working, commercial-grade truck but after five years of customization work, what is likely the world’s most unique Ford F-5 was created.

This unforgettable 1.5-ton Ford work truck was on display at the 2018 SEMA Show as one of the finalists for the Hot Wheels Legends tour, looking very much like something that Mattel could have created.

1949 Ford F-5 Hood

Hot Wheels F-5

While the truck shown here may have started its life as a 1.5-ton commercial work truck, it has gone through the full rat rod transformation. This might be the original frame from an F-5 and there are likely some body panels that came from the factory on a 1949 Ford work truck, but if we didn’t know that this was an F-5, it would be hard to guess just by looking at the unique pickup. It appears as though the hood is an original Ford piece and several pieces of the original grille have been retained, as have the original headlights, but the grille has been reconfigured and the headlights have been moved up and inward.

1949 Ford F-5 Hot Wheels Side

The doors of this custom Ford appear to be original 1949 F-5 doors, but the top has been chopped and everything rear of the cab is clearly custom. The bed appears to be made out of wood and roofing metal, containing the custom fuel tanks and the rear-mounted batteries.

1949 Ford F-5 Hot Wheels Bed

The truck maintains the dual-rear-wheel configuration, but the entire body has been tucked down tight over the chassis.

1949 Ford F-5 Hot Wheels Tires

On the inside, this antique F-5 has interesting tube-and-leather seats and a modern-ish dashboard in a relatively bare-bones cabin.

1949 Ford F-5 Hot Wheels Interior

Diesel Power

Under the hood of this slammed-and-chopped 1949 Ford F-5 is a 7.3-liter Power Stroke diesel engine from a 1999 Super Duty. That engine sends 450 horsepower and 800 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels by means of a ZF 5-speed manual transmission and a narrowed Dana rear end. With that kind of power in this lowered antique truck, this old-school Ford F-5 is probably as quick as it is cool.

1949 Ford F-5 Bars

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