Top 5 Chevy Fails of All-Time

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I’m going to be honest with you, this was a hard list to whittle down. You know how many Chevy fails there are? Too many to count. So we narrowed it down a bit to just the Top 5 Chevy Fails covered here on FTE!


Here’s the Top 5 All-Time Chevy Fails starting from the worse to the worst!

5. “Ford King of the Hill as a Chevy 4X4 Fails“: The title of this vid tells you what you need to know: it’s New Years Day, there’s a big muddy hill, the stock Tahoe looks like its more hungover than the driver, and the F150 dominates. The way this truck takes this hill is far more dramatic than Hamburger Hill, and that movie shaped my life.

4. “Ford F-350 Diesel Crushes Built Chevy“: Though we’re not really into misleading headlines around here, the word “crushes” may seem a bit strong at first glance, because the beginning of the vid actually shows the souped-up Silverado 1500 taking it to the F-350. But if you can stomach that, the rest of the video, which takes place after the Ford gets a 4” exhaust package and a new tune, is just pure Chevy sucking bliss.

3. “Epic Chevy Fail – Keep on Ford Truckin’“: Perhaps those flames are painted on the body in pewter, and the extra weight caused this “modified maroon, monster” to fail so pathetically hard, after such a puny jump. That jump looks like something I would have built for my Schwinn. And my Schwinn would still have all its tires attached.

2. “Super Duty Crushes Camaro SS“: It’s not just Chevy trucks that fail, all Chevys fail eventually, and this 5th gen Camaro SS fails slowly but surely against this PowerStroke diesel powered Super Duty. Imagine how intimidating it must have been lining up across from that monster? You’d think the Camaro would have tried to get away from it a little quicker.

1. “Chevy Sucks – Keep on Ford Truckin’”: At least the driver of this failing Chevy has the onions to go off a real jump. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the brains not to.

Come on, one of these should be in the Top 5 Chevy Fails of All-Time, right?

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