MUDDY MONDAY F-250 & F-150 from an Interesting Perspective

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2006 F250 offroading

This week’s Muddy Monday video features a 2006 Ford F-250 pickup and a newer Ford F-150 with the EcoBoost V6 off-roading, with the footage captures from a unique perspective.

The camera is attached to a guy riding on a quad and he is riding along behind the F-250 when the video begins, and throughout the early stages of the video. Once the quad rider gets to a mud hole, he pulls into the grass and stops, showing the F-250 climbing the hill with ease, even though the driver is babying the truck up the mild slope.

While the quad rider/cameraman is waiting to get back on the trail with the quad, a 2014-era F-150 with the EcoBoost engine comes along and hits that same mud hole, but the lighter duty truck is unable to make it up the hill at first. The cameraman then heads up the hill with the EcoBoost F-150 following, but he stops the video before we get to see if the second Ford makes it up the hill.

However, the ease with which the F-250 gets up the hill while the stock looking F-150 struggles shows how well the Super Duty handles the hill.

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