5-Stars! New Ford F-150 is the Safest Yet

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Well this is nice feather for the cap of everyone at Ford. There were lots of concerns from the public that the new aluminum body on the F-150 wouldn’t stand up in a collision.

Now yes, I know and all of you awesome people know that lots of companies have been using aluminum for years on their cars with no issues, but this was still a concern for many.

Now those concerns can be laid to rest. All body styles of the F-150, regular cab, SuperCab and SuperCrew have all received 5-Star crash test ratings from the NHTSA.

Not only is that the highest rating you can get from the governments testing scores, it also beats the last F-150 that only managed a 4-Star rating.

So there you go, the new Aluminum Ford F-150 is not only safe, it’s safer than its old steel-bodies sibling. If that doesn’t put a stop to the safety detractors, I don’t think anything will.

The all-new Ford F-150, its’ not just better in some ways, it is better in all of them.

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