BUILDUP A 1992 Ford F-350 Project

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FTE member zer01 has taken on a wonderful build after his CJ7 Jeep was totaled. Though we wouldn’t say that was a terrible loss since it put him in the driver’s seat of a Ford, it is never pleasant to lose a ride.

The build that he has taken on is a 1992 F-350, and, as his wife claims, he really “belonged in a truck” anyway. The cab was in great condition, the doors had no rust or dents, and the rig had a healthy 460 cubic inch engine. Yet, due to the previous owner the truck needed some help getting back to where it ought to be!

Just to name some of what had already been done, zer01 has put in new front and rear leaf springs and added a brand new 4” NOS Superlift. In addition to this, the ride has new ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearing U-joints, and rear wheel seals.

Due to their connections, zer01 and his wife managed to find a guy who would buy new front fenders, weld in new rear wheel arches, pull out four or five dents on the bedside, remove all badges, and weld any holes for just $1600. Of course, he went with that deal. Zer01 has also done a complete brake job on the rear axle, since the previous owner thought that plugging the line was a great solution for the problem at hand.

Though much more has been done with this build, we couldn’t possibly tell you it all! Go stop by zer01’s build thread and show your support!

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