Bright Yellow SVT Lightning F-150 Blasts Down the Quarter Mile

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This Truckin’ Fast video features a bright yellow second generation Ford SVT Lightning F-150 in action on the quarter mile.

There is no mod list available for this supercharged F-150, but we can see that this isn’t your run of the mill Lightning thanks to the huge drag tires and the healthy roar of the American V8.

As the quarter mile pass for this Lightning F-150 begins, this bright yellow Ford truck rips the front wheels up off of the ground as it quickly moves past the camera – at which point we can see the roll cage extending through the back window and into the bed.

This Lightning sounds incredible as it screams down the track, running through the quarter mile traps in 10.20 seconds and at a speed of 131.57 miles per hour.

This F-150 Lightning looks great, runs great and sounds great so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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