Muddy Monday: 1976 Ford F-150 Dominates Forwards & Backwards

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This weeks’ Muddy Monday video features a 1976 Ford F-150 that makes short work of deep mud in forward and reverse gears.

The details on this F-150 are short, but we can see that it sits a little higher than stock, the tires are a little more aggressive than stock, and it definitely sounds a little louder than stock. With a 460 cubic inch big-block V8, producing a healthy grumble as the big Ford pushes through the sticky mud hole is a piece of cake for this mud monster.

After gently creeping through the mud heading in the proper direction, the driver of this F-150 stops, throws it into reverse, and blasts through the mud pit backwards; getting through the slop just as easily backwards as it did going forward. If that’s not having confidence in your ride, then I don’t know what is.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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