Meet ‘Truck,’ a 1968 F-100 Cool Enough to Star in its Own Blog Series

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Ford F-100 Across Canada

Ford F-100 Across Canada reveals how $1,000, a vintage farm truck & an offbeat road trip turned a ‘car guy’ into a diehard truck enthusiast. 

Like Bono and Beyonce, “Truck” is cool enough to go by a single moniker. And at 50, the 1968 Ford F-100 is still tough enough to keep up with any Raptor half its age and twice its size. “Truck” is living, revving proof that a picture is worth a thousand words, and the words that this pickup truck tells is a road story like no other. That awesome tale, titled Ford F-100 Across Canada, kicks off Aug. 13 on Ford Truck Enthusiasts, when “Truck’s” proud new owner, FTE forum member David Morton, and his buddy, Don Giroux, share road stories from their recent trip across the Great White North.

FORD TRUCK ENTHUSIASTS - Ford F-100 Across Canada

Now, “Truck” may look like your average vintage F-Series pickup truck, but when it comes right down to reliability and being pure badass, this mofo is built “Ford Tough.”

And this classic truck is much more than just a pretty face and a cheap date — acquired for $1,000 via an online ad. “Truck’s” impressive grill and baby blue paint job earned their scars and scrapes during the vintage vehicle’s many years spent as a farm truck in a small, rural Canadian town.

FORD TRUCK ENTHUSIASTS - Ford F-100 Across Canada

And recently, following decades spent hauling heavy loads over rocky dirt roads, this unstoppable Ford vehicle effortlessly cruised across Canada as David and Don gave “Truck” a homecoming visit to the Ford factory from which it came five decades ago.

Ford Trucks

Along the way, the pair of Ford truck enthusiasts stop to take in the local scenery and meet up with fascinating fellow truck enthusiasts, like longtime FTE forum member Perry and his four-legged sidekick, Frankie.

Ford F-100 Across Canada is an original blog series by FTE forum members for FTE forum members. Check it out only on Ford Truck Enthusiasts beginning Monday, Aug. 13.

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