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1968 Ford F-100 Remains Part of a Family Tradition

1968 Ford F-100

The looks may have changed, but this F-100 shows that home is where the heart of this Ford is. 

  Comments | By - October 17, 2018

Ford F-100 Across Canada, Part 6: Kenora to North Bay

Classic Hank Williams, a kindly deed from a fellow driver, and one amazing car show add timeless memories to epic road trip.

  Comments | By - September 17, 2018

Ford F-100 Across Canada, Part 3: Calgary to Moosomin

Sometimes, the slower the pace, the more exciting the drive, especially when you spot mysterious fires burning in the distance!

  Comments | By - August 27, 2018

Ford F-100 Across Canada, Part 1: Country Music Made Me Do It

An unstoppable ’68 F-100 & Waylon Jennings spark a cross-country adventure. Here’s the story that inspired the trip.

  Comments | By - August 13, 2018

Meet ‘Truck,’ a 1968 F-100 Cool Enough to Star in its Own Blog Series

Ford F-100 Across Canada¬†reveals how $1,000, a vintage truck & an offbeat trip turned a “car guy” into a truck enthusiast.¬†

  Comments | By - August 8, 2018

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