Armored Six-Door Ford Excursion Is Fit for a King

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Ford Excursion

Revolutionaries and machine gun-toting maniacs don’t stand a chance against this heavily fortified Ford Excursion.

Try as we might, we just haven’t hit it rich yet. Not like we haven’t been trying. There was that failed attempt at a musical career, and maybe even a little Instagram modeling session (we’d rather not talk about that). But in the end, our quest to attain riches and fame has largely failed. And yet, we can still live the lavish life. All we need is the cash to bring home this insane armored, six-door Ford Excursion that’s currently up for grabs on Autotrader.

Well, that and a driver. And probably a crown. Definitely at least one or two disposable cronies. Because as we’ve learned in all those action flicks, you’ve got to have some sort of crew that winds up eating lead while they try haplessly to defend you. And we’re guessing that’s already been the case with this particular Ford Excursion, because it was actually used by a legit king. As in, it served as the U.S.-based transportation rig for King Abdullah of Jordan.

Ford Excursion

Hence, it hasn’t been driven much. With only 4,000 miles on the odometer, you’re getting what is essentially a brand new monster rig guaranteed to keep you and the entire family safe during the coming apocalypse. Or just on a leisurely cruise through that bad part of town. An obscene number of security equipment fills this enormous truck. Including 360-degree armor, surveillance cameras, fuel tank and underhood protection, and even anti-grab door handles.

Ford Excursion

Perhaps more importantly, you’ll be awash in luxury while you cruise around your local war zone. Sit back in your heated, reclining, and massage seats and catch up on the news. Grab a cold drink out of the fridge and call your advisers from the built-in phones. And if that doesn’t make this Ford Excursion fit for a king, we don’t know what will!

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