How Would You Custom Build this 1966 F-100 Project Truck?

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1966 F-100

What would you do to make this the baddest F-100 on the road?

We came across this very clean 1966 F-100 on Reddit and we were very impressed with the shape this project truck is in. Usually the “Before” picture in any restoration is a little more worse for wear, but this classic F-series is still looking strong and sleek. The lucky owner of this F-100 is Reddit user Assumed Asterisk, who posted the picture on the Ford Trucks subreddit, and said he is extremely excited to get started on it.

He didn’t give a lot of information about what he plans to do, or what work needs to be done. But by all accounts this truck is already ahead of the curve, looks good and definitely seems to have been very well cared for.

So we thought we would ask you: From paint job to suspension, how you would custom build this F-100? Would you commit to a restomod? If so, what would you swap out and upgrade? What would be your ideal powertrain? Or would you do a classic restoration, restore it to its former glory? Would you be more satisfied going with period-correct stock?

Let us know in the comments, or sound off in the forums.

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