Listen to a Perfect Sounding Ford F-150 in the Mud

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perfect sound f150

This week’s Muddy video features a Ford F-150 pickup which the owner insists is the “perfect sounding F-150”. The video description doesn’t explain how the driver made this the perfect sounding F-150, but in the comments, someone insists that it is a 5.4L V8 with a Flowmaster 40 muffler.

To show off how great this F-150 sounds, the owner made a short video showing his Ford digging through a small mud hole in the woods. This truck also appears to have a bit of a lift and some big, meaty mud tires, so in addition to sounding pretty good – it makes short work of this sloppy mud pit.

While “perfect sounding” might be subject to debate, this F-150 sounds pretty good while playing in the mud so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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