Gas is Cheap as Dirt, Buy This Monster F-150 with a Blower

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00r0r_6Sh67yoJQeN_600x450Not sure if you heard, but there was some magical place called Houghton Lake in Michigan that was selling gas for less the $0.80 earlier this week. Not a typo. Eighty cents per gallon. 2016 is already the best year ever. And this Craigslist listing is a pretty solid way to keep that title locked down.


Coincidentally, this show-quality 1989 Ford F-150 was also posted in Michigan, this time in a town called Manton, which is roughly two hours north of Grand Rapids. In short, it’s a streetable monster truck.


Listed at $29,500 and with only 125 miles on it since the build, there’s not a full list of details, but there are three¬†major points (and really the only points necessary) that you need to know: It has a hydraulic bed, it has a 671 blower on its V8, and it has 44-inch tires. Buy it, buy it, BUY IT.

[Via Craigslist]

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