Treat Yourself and Your F-Series to Katzkin Leathers

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Searching for the next modification or upgrade for your Ford F-Series? Treat yourself to a custom Katzkin interior. A richly colored, personalized interior cab can feel like wearing a comfortable soft pair of shoes or a slick-looking, cut-to-fit three-piece suit. An attractive interior can be as stimulating as too much horsepower. No one knows this better than under the radar interior specialists Katzkin Automotive Leather. They offer custom interior designs for thousands of new and used vehicles back through the 1990’s. To personalize your vehicle, they have massive amounts of choices to create your dream coach. They offer numerous options of materials, colors, stitching designs, seat-lining, piping, and embroidery for tailoring to taste. And Katzkin recently released a whole new line of high-end products called Zkintech.

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With over three decades of experience in aftermarket interior customizations, Katzkin have become experts in their field. They have made solid advances to show that their quality, skill, and techniques are world-class. In 2003 they became OEM suppliers for FCA, and for Ford in 2007. As an OEM supplier with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty, they have made it safe for dealerships to offer their leather as if it was a factory option.

I’ve found lately dealers will just outsource upholstery work; in today’s dealer garages you just don’t find leather specialists as you once did. If if you don’t have an upholstery specialist, Katzkin will have great recommendations. What a full-encompassing, thoughtful company to have resources on-demand for customers.

Katzkin advances into this new era by getting a Versalis Lectra precision cutting machine, which adds speed and beauty. The coachwork takes about two to three days until it’s ready for an shipment. Customers can have it sent to their doorstep for a intimate install  or their local upholstery installation specialist.

Katzkin has three main choices of interiors from factory pre-set colors, Katzkin-designed colors done by them, or your custom design. If you’re going to go custom they start with seat design before materials. Katzkin offers their leathers in the basic supple leather, fine Tuscany, Suedezkin, Barracuda faux-carbon, Outlaw cowboy-style and ultra exotic featuring ostrich or alligator. Another juicy option they offer is the addition of heating and cooling.

Two-row seating packages range from two to three thousand plus an install. Nonetheless this is an upgrade that will add value. If you’re looking for something truly exotic, look to the new Zkintech line of products showcased at SEMA this year. In the video below check out the modern bespoke designs in the Zkintech line. One of my favorites in the new line of patterns is the Diamond Weave found on Aston Martins. Enhancing style, comfort and a car’s value.

So, what colorway combination and materials would you choose for your Ford truck? Would you go for matching your style or the car’s style?

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