Google to Pair with Ford for Autonomous Vehicle Project?

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I have often said that you’ll have to pull the steering wheel from my cold, dead hands. As it turns out, it might be the Ford Motor Company who will be doing the pulling. According to Yahoo! Autos, Ford will be starting a joint venture with Google to build the self-driving cars.

According to sources, which Yahoo! doesn’t name, the joint venture will be announced at the upcoming CES show in Las Vegas. Ford was one of the first automotive companies to make CES a stop on their tour, so it makes sense that Ford would use the technology-focused show to announce this venture.


It actually makes a lot of sense for the two companies to work together. Ford has been working on the future of mobility a great deal, and has been collecting tons of real-world data on how people use their vehicles all over the globe.

Google’s self-driving cars have also been successful so far, and the data Google has collected would be invaluable to a manufacturer looking to build a self-driving car.

We’ll know more after the announcement at CES, but until then, let us know your thoughts over in the forums!

via [Yahoo! Autos]

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