Lifted Explorer Reminds Us Be Prepared Testing Risky 4×4 Routes

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The most experienced off-roading men even get stuck on risky routes just as this noob has in his lifted ‘98 Explorer indicating once again it is good to be prepared on any terrain. If you watch the video below it shows a young lad in his fully-doctored 1998 Ford Explorer 4×4 driving his ORV into a deep water-filled rut and gets bogged down. Only to have his buddy yank him out like any good teammate should. It looks like with his 54 inch mud tires and lift kit he should’ve been able to push through the deep rut in Texas but nope. From the evident lack of experience and not knowing his rig he lacked that Mickey Thompson professional feel.

When you’re into dangerous off-roading it’s best to have to plan in-case of any situation, when you least expect it you’re elected. I imagine our demographic of gentlemen readers are all well versed in the field of off-roading and industry componentry. We men can easily be over confident only to neglect evident rituals we do before each trip. We all say ya ya, but we should have a checklist each time we go and attempt any course we aren’t sure of even if we’ve done the route in the past.

Simple preparing like going out with a group off-roading to learn the course, it’s smart to have a friend around to pull you out. Learning your winch, locking differentials and better traction tricks keep your truck moving. This fella did have the proper power tools to master the route but it takes finesse to find grip not always power. Under the hood he’s rocking a big block 521 V8 engine attached to a C6 tranny kicking close to 650 HP though a 205 diff out to those knobby 54’s sounded beefy enough. Off-roading is sport not just numbers and there needs to be a game plan to win.

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