Truckin’ Fast Ford F-150 Lightning Illustrates a Bad Idea

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f150 lightning bad drifting

This week’s Truckin’ Fast features the kind of high performance fun that you most certainly should not try at home – because it is pretty stupid. The video details call it a “drift event” in Tottenham, London, England, but it really appears to be a bunch of people in a parking lot with an F-150 Lightning, a Lexus IS and a BMW wagon doing a very poor job of drifting around a light pole.

It is pretty clear from watching this video that these drivers are not experienced drifters, as all three struggle to keep the tires spinning, often getting traction and heading towards the crowd. At one point, the F-150 spins around even though it is barely smoking the tires and the Lexus almost hits him head to head.

For those who have never been to a real drifting event, the rarely have the crowd packed around the tarmac and real “events” put far more effort into safety. Really, this is like a public service announcement of what not to do with your F-150 Lightning – or any other vehicle. In short, don’t be this guy.


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