HOONTRUCK Working on a 1965 Ford F-100 with the Kids

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It was only a few weeks ago that we first featured Jeff Glucker’s 1965 F-100 “HoonTruck” build, and so now we’re proud to present you with the first major steps on this project.

These updates come straight from the Hooniverse, so prepare yourself mentally and physically to fall into a state of awe when it comes to this one-of-a-kind Ford truck! Well, at least it will be in the future!

As many of us know, learning to work on a ride is a wonderful thing. That said, there are really some things that just aren’t wise for an amateur to attempt to handle. It is also true that it is wonderful to have friends who know what they’re doing, so that one can bring their ride for diagnostic, repair, or modification help.

Jeff decided to take his in to Rick Radcliffe’s shop for some help, and he ended up getting some free child labor out of the situation.

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The goal of the trip was to replace the old steel wheels with Cragar wheels, fix some other problems, and investigate problems that would need to be dealt with in the future. The tires have not been replaced just yet, so the beautiful new wheels are currently sporting old and ugly rubber. But that will soon change!

A compression test was also performed, which found that cylinder eight was down a bit compared to the others. Though still safe to drive, Jeff is now expecting a rebuilt or replacement sometime in the future for the current engine. In addition to the compression test, the dangerous (even “scary!”) glass fuel filter has now been replace which the much-safer metal version.

He has also decided to pursue an electric fan to replace the engine powered fan within the ride, and will need to do some work on the drive-shaft in the future, though that shouldn’t be took hard!

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Jeff is already thinking about the many potential engine swaps for this F-100, though for now he’ll be sticking with what he’s got! Next time he’ll be adding a new old-looking radio, replacing the steering wheels, and fitting a roll pan to the rear end so that the license plate can move from its sad place in the window!

Be sure to note that far more is coming in this build! Watch the video below for more detailed updates and closer look at the HoonTruck itself!

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