HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Bronco Throws Down at the Track, Jumps with Its Hood Up

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FTE Jump

One of the greatest trucks Ford ever made was the Ford Bronco. Though that could be debated, there is no arguing that many have called for the Bronco’s return of the years, just to be turned down again and again.

From time to time concepts and custom builds have teased the crowd, but there is no reason to expect a new model any time soon.

Even so, the rig is still greatly loved and often proves itself on the street and elsewhere. In this video we see a Ford Bronco tackle a track made for jumpings, and it is certainly an entertaining sight.

Though none of the jumps are very spectacular, one point does make this video very worth watching: The driver performs all the jumps with his hood up and blocking the windshield.

Somehow he manages to stay on course and only is forced to back up one to fix his line. He states that he’ll “probably need a new hood after this,” but it still seems completely worth it after he makes his rounds of the track, doing one final jump over two crushed cars as an excellent finale!

So what are you waiting for? Watch the video below to see this Ford icon jump the track blind!

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