HOONTRUCK A 1965 Ford F-100 Beast in the Works

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If you’re a fan of anything that goes fast then you very well may have heard the name “Jeff Glucker” dropped from time to time. But if you haven’t heard his name before, then you have still likely heard of something called the Hooniverse.

And if you haven’t heard of this, then you still have likely heard the term “hooning.” And if you haven’t heard this term… well, you are a lost soul indeed.

Either way, Jeff Glucker has taken on a new project, and this time it is a 1965 F-100, which he endearingly refers to as the “HoonTruck.” This monster is already a strong runner and is looking at least decent, but when complete it will be in complete working order and feature some minor upgrades as well.

The Hooniverse has released a video detailing the starting point for this project, and we are definitely excited for what is to come!

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To begin with, this truck isn’t exactly in the best of shape. But it wouldn’t be a project if it was, now would it? This white-and-red beast has, or so the previous owner claimed, a 390 engine under the hood.

The largest engine they made for the ’65 was a 352 (or that was at least its casing number), so this seems somewhat unlikely. Jeff will be proceeding to measure the stroke length to determine the actual size of the engine, which will definitely clear some things up.

In the meantime, he will be fixing the valve seals, which have caused the rig to spew oil to a rather unpleasant degree.

In fact, he received a letter from the California Air Resource Board since his truck was smoking. Apparently an “anonymous” citizen had reported this to the Board, which seems quite pointless when you take into account that the truck is from 1965. Still, not everyone understands the classics.

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Jeff has already proceeded to install a new fan. The previous owner had already done this, but they installed it… well, backwards. This sucked air away from the radiator, which certainly didn’t make for a peaceful drive.

A rear bumper is soon to be put on, though first the glass fuel filter must be replaced with something not so risky. After all, heat plus glass has a tendency to equate toward an explosion, which would spew fuel everywhere and could result in flames. We’d rather not see a beautiful F-100 consumed by fire, so we think that this is a wise decision.

The interior is in pretty good shape, however a new steering wheel and fresh door trim will be going in. A new radio will also be going in, and it will be retro and modern at the same time. On another note of failure by the previous owner, there is currently a speaker installed to the glovebox, which will also need to be (at the very least) rearranged.

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The rig itself has a 4-speed manual transmission, which actually shifts quite well. Going into this project Jeff plans to install brand new LED headlights, new wheels and tires, and then move to engine components.

Most of the parts from this build are coming from LMC Truck. Feel free to check out the Hooniverse if you want more information.

Check out the video below to learn more about this amazing build!

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