Ford GT Racecar to Debut Next Month?

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All-New Ford GT

Last week, we told you about the rumor that the new Ford GT will come out with enough horsepower to restart a small thermonuclear reactor, which translates to 700 horsepower for those nuclear less inclined. Now however, we have new rumors, and they aren’t surrounding the production car but rather the race car.

Up until now, we’ve only heard small, faint rumors that Ford was getting ready to bring the new Ford GT back into the racing fold. While it would be a missed opportunity for the brand to not bring it back, next year is the 50th anniversary of the Ford GT winning Le Mans for the first time, but we haven’t heard anything since the original unveil in Detroit.

All-New Ford GT

Now however, rumors and leaks are beginning to seep out of the Blue Oval since the deadline for the team and the car to be ready is drawing closer and closer.

According to new rumors, the Le Mans Ford GTE entry will debut next month and develop the same 700 horsepower that the production car will have. It will also be reportedly much lighter than the production cars already svelte weight. Stay tuned, we’re sure to know more in the next few weeks.

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