Climb Every Mountain: Ford Truck Proves to be Unstoppable

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Video is indisputable proof that Blue Oval indeed builds ’em ‘Ford tough.’

“You gotta commit!” And with those encouraging words (heard off camera), this awesome hill climb clip kicks into overdrive. And the end result will make every Ford truck owner proud.

After all, “Built Ford Ford Tough” is more than just an iconic tagline. It’s a guarantee that the Blue Oval makes to anyone who owns a Ford. And the guys in this video certainly appreciate that toughness.

And we appreciate the fact that the trio in the Ford truck captured this crazy hill climb on video. The clip is a few years old, but the inspiring end is timeless.

In the clip, the trio is inside the truck and making a solid attempt at climbing a very steep hill. But despite putting up a good fight, the Ford keeps slipping backwards on the bumpy terrain.

To lighten the load, one passenger decides to sit this one out and exits the vehicle. The driver makes another attempt and after a few tense minutes, he totally nails it. And watching the Ford truck tackle what initially looked like a hell of a challenging climb will make every Ford truck owner proud.

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