Ugly F-150 Does a Beautiful Burnout: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday:

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When someone yells ‘do a burnout’ when you are driving your F-150, this is what they expect to see.

This week’s Tire Smokin Tuesday video comes to us from the gatewayshuffle YouTube channel and it features an old, brown Ford F-150 doing a monster burnout. While we don’t have any real details on this truck, this could be one of the earliest Ford trucks to wear the F-150 name.

The Original F-150

While Ford Motor Company had long offered some of the bestselling trucks in the US market, 1975 marked the formal introduction of the F-150. This new heavier-duty half-ton truck replaced the long-running F-100 and by 1977, the new model had moved the F-Series into the top spot in US sales. It has been the bestselling truck every year since then.

1975 Ford F-150 Burnout

We don’t know the exact year, but with the F-150 being introduced in 1975 and a front end refresh coming in 1977, this truck has to be from the 1975 or 1976 model year. Also, it sounds like a V8 engine and it has more than enough torque to roast the rear tires, but Ford offered four different V8s during those model years – so this truck could pack a 302, a 360, a 390 or a 460. It could also have an engine that didn’t come from the factory, but all we know is that the truck isn’t pretty – but the burnout is.

Ugly Truck, Awesome Burnout

The video begins with the 1975-1976 Ford F-150 sitting on the street, idling quietly as traffic clears. As the last car drives by, the driver climbs into the throttle and the rear tire closest to the camera begins to spin hard. Smoke billows from the back end even as only one tire spins, and after a few seconds, the old F-150 races off into the distance, leaving behind it a massive wake of smoke.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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