FTE Member Builds Cummins-Powered Excursion

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Turbodiesel, lifted, outfitted, ready to party and clean as a whistle. This Excursion is one for the Guinness World Records.

Project cars and trucks are something the general population simply can’t understand. Why go through the hassle of playing mechanic, engineer, and more, when you can just buy a ride? As you’re about to see, FTE forum member Oldguyfl isn’t about that life. He’s got the knowledge, the tools, and the bucks to build the ultimate Ford Excursion, so that’s exactly what he did.

If you could build your dream Excursion what would it look like? Would it have the old-school Ford V10 gasoline engine or a Power Stroke turbo diesel? What about the accommodations, would you go for a brawny King Ranch or something sophisticated like the swanky Limited trim or the now-defunct Eddie Bauer? We at Ford Truck Enthusiasts often dream about these things as we get ready for a good night’s sleep. But, we want to know about you!


One thing is for sure, we know what Oldguyfl wants, and so do couple-thousand forum members, because his “Cummins Excursion Conversion Perversion” thread is one of the hottest in the Ford-truck universe. Just as a heads-up, if you’re planning on browsing this thread, make sure to clear your schedule for a few hours. This 25-page conversion Bible is LOADED with photos and tons of advice. Oh, and a few outspoken members, of course.

Before we get into what other fine members of the FTE community have to say about the Cummins-powered Excursion, let’s find out how the brave owner kicked off the thread, and what condition the Ford SUV was in.


Oldguyfl posts:

“OK, here we go. Let’s start off with the purchase of the 2004 4X4 Excursion. Started with this bone-stock, mechanically well-maintained V10 2004 4X4 EB Excursion. Mechanically it had all the maintenance done to it as needed with good books and records to back it up.

[It’s been a] Florida truck its whole life in the Jacksonville area.

Body was/is straight as an arrow and rust-free with no Carfax issues noted. When I got it though it was dirty and grimy. The PO (previous owner) was not the cleanest person in regards to washing and cleaning. The backs of the driver’s headrests had holes where the PO had removed TV screens, carpet smelled like an old lady who DUMPED perfume on her as well as being stained.

The outside had not been washed or waxed for a year or two it seemed. Surface was dull, interior was dirty. In other words PERFECT for this 24V P-Pump Cummins engine conversion!”

Right off the bat, heat was given for the decision to swap the Ford V10 for a Cummins turbodiesel engine commonly found in, you know, Ram trucks. As rock2610d said:

Why oh why would you pull a good V10 out of this gem just to put a diesel in it? Ok, I’m interested in the swap I have to admit, but a brand-new 2014 V10 motor will last over 200,000 miles and they’re cheaper to maintain. Still, diesels are cool and add value so I can’t wait to see the outcome and COST.


Of course, this forced other diesel fanatics to share their knowledge, like copsey, who said:

You can get 700-800 HP out of those 24v p-pumped motors pretty easily. Reliable as a hammer for the most part.”

Forum member rock2610d chimed in with a very technical response:

Yes, I agree if you do a lot of towing diesels are unstoppable. If you don’t tow a forged piston and rod built turbocharged V10 will break just as much as a diesel. I’m pushing 500 hp with mine and have to be careful. Also I immediately think of things like hydroboost conversion, adding a vacuum pump and associated wiring, and getting the transmission to play nice when PCM is not running, and keeping check engine light off with no evac system, and wow it’s going to be a lot of hard work. I can appreciate the challenge and look forward to seeing this build take shape.” 

Got all of that, folks?

As you can appreciate in this gallery below, Oldguyfl‘s skills are an “11.” The level of care and precision invested into cleaning the Excursion is mind-blowing. From removing the door panels, carpeting, consoles, to crafting a fully custom console and installing 2016 updated body parts — it’s all top notch.



“As you all might know it is a 2004 Eddie Bauer with pretty much all the options including heated and memory seats, adjustable pedals, etc. I think the only thing it does not have is the overhead video console like the Limited. Here’s what has been done to it so far.


  • 3″-4″ Lift, NO blocks, all spring lift
  • ATS Modded C code rear springs
  • ATS Modded B code front springs with a rating to carry the extra weight of the Cummins
  • Bilstein Shocks all around for the lift.
  • Bilstein front steering damper
  • All new hardware to install the springs.
  • Adjustable track bar
  • Changed front and rear differentials with Royal Purple
  • Changed transfer case oil
  • Changed engine oil
  • Changed transmission fluid
  • New Front PS brakes, pads, calipers etc
  • New rear brake pads
  • Complete brake fluid flush
  • 2″ Stahl hub/wheel centric STEEL spacers
  • New set of 2016 F250 Aluminum wheels with new Michelin tires.
  • New fuel pump in tank
  • New MAF, FPR, AI


  • New 2016 Rear Bumper
  • New backup sensor brackets.
  • New 05-07 front bumper, both pieces
  • New Air Dam
  • New Fog lights
  • New headlights
  • New inner weatherstrip on DS rear door
  • New (used) outer weatherstrip in PS rear door due to window pinching it and deforming it.
  • Removed roof rack completely
  • Had both bumpers painted and color matched as best it can be.
  • Sanded, polished body panels, then waxed
  • 08 Mirrors


  • Gutted the entire interior, including the headliner. Did not remove dash base though
  • Touched up some fading on door panel tops
  • Installed new ACC carpet and padding.
  • Installed new Seat Shop complete front and middle row covers in 2005 black and tan color combo
  • Repainted dash bezel and surround black
  • Repainted door panel switch covers and armrests black
  • Repainted all the plastic parts around seats black
  • Installed and painted 650 dash with custom touches
  • Painted the cupholders on the CC to match
  • Ripped out 100’s of feet of and old stereo installation.
  • Repaired the factory harness to spec from the radio removal
  • Added all new wiring to the amp and speakers.
  • Added a 1000 W am
  • New Weathertech matts

After the valiant restoration wizard brought the Ford Excursion up to his standards, the process of removing the old V10 gasoline engine and installing the Cummins and new tranny began. And so did all the questions from fellow forum members, some which were quite technical, and a few more candid! FTE member 2.5gl asked:

Are ya keepin’ track of the costs?!? I could only imagine.

To which Oldguyfl answered:

Costs, a slippery slope. You mean the real ones or the ones I told my wife about?

As it turns out, besides being extremely handy he also has a sense of humor!


As the build neared completion, it became clear that other members were grateful for the detailed documentation, as Millinex and RPhil commented:

Honestly, this is the best thread on the forums. Keep it up!” And, “Appreciate the additional detailed pictures that aren’t typically readily available elsewhere online. This thread will be very helpful to those considering this swap in the future.


In a surprising plot twist, the build stalled on page 25, when several folks chimed in to make sure Oldguyflhis wife, and their toys were safe in the midst of Hurricane Irma. Because as you may have realized (his screen name), he lives in the state of Florida.

Make sure to stop by the thread, drool at the photos, read the incredibly detailed instructions, and stay up to date with one of the hottest builds in all of FTE!

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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