Super Duty-Powered ‘Pet-Surfing’ Tour Coming to a City Near You!

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Super Duty

Ford is towing a 5,000-gallon mobile ‘Wave Maker’ around the U.S. and inviting you to let your pet hang ten with four-legged pro surfers.

We at Ford Truck Enthusiasts often come across a lot of different Ford-related stories every day. Sometimes these stories have to do with our folks in the armed forces and sometimes they have to do with our boys and girls in blue. Very rarely though, do they have to do with the pets in blue.

What a better way to honor the many doggies who serve in American law enforcement K9 units than by giving them a nationwide shout out? That’s right, Ford previously showed us how much these furry friends mean by making a German Shepherd K9 officer the center of attention at the Explorer Police Interceptor unveiling. Now, they’ve chosen to give families across America a big smile by bringing adorable pets capable of surfing waves. Say what?!

Super Duty

In addition to watching some talented pooches ride the waves, Ford and Lucy Pet are giving pet owners the chance to see if their furry friends can hang ten with the professional surfing dogs and cats at a number of events through the fall. Along the way, the companies will also honor some of the country’s toughest service dogs, like Jax, a proud member of Southern California’s Oxnard Police Department K9 unit, who is featured on the Ford Super Duty F-250 that’s part of the tour.


‘It takes a big generator to create waves in 5,000 gallons of water, and a lot of horsepower and torque to tow it. That’s why we went with the Ford Super Duty.’


The “Gnarly Crankin’ K9 Wave Tour” will bring baseball fans and pet lovers the opportunity to see surfing dogs and cats at several of Major League Baseball’s “Bark at the Park” events. A 2017 Ford Super Duty Lariat will be towing the generator for the 5,000-gallon wave maker mobile surf tank, where these talented little guys will hang ten.

The goal of the tour is to honor K9 officers, but the staff behind this enormous production also focuses on offering family-friendly entertainment at ball parks. The Blue Oval isn’t just sponsoring the gig but also providing the muscle behind it with several Ford Transit vans, a Ford-based RV, and of course, the mighty super Duty hauling the heart of the entire production.

The Wave Maker was the centerpiece of Lucy Pet’s record-setting 2017 Rose Parade float powered by Ford. Many of the dogs who surfed in the parade will perform at the Wave Tour stops. Event participants are welcome to see if their pets also can catch a wave.

“It takes a big generator to create waves in 5,000 gallons of water, and a lot of horsepower and torque to tow that generator from one location to the next,” says Lucy Pet Products president Joey Herrick. “That’s why we went with America’s undisputed tow leader, the Ford Super Duty. We’re also relying on Ford Transit vans and an RV built on a Ford chassis to transport our stars and their human trainers.”

To find out when the Ford-powered tour is coming to a location near you, check out the Pet Wave Tour website.

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