Here’s the ‘Just-for-Messing-Around’ Explorer You Always Wanted

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We may grow older but our desire to jump down obstacles, do donuts, and crawl over boulders never dies, it grows!

Remember the days of doing stupid — albeit fun — things with your friends and your bicycles? What about racing down hills, building ramps, and even crashing into each other? Sounds familiar, no? The truth is that most of us grow older, but not actually mature. In fact, most of us daydream of ways of reliving those childhood shenanigans but in a far more dangerous way, like with a vehicle. So, how about a beat-up Ford Explorer?

Thanks to the YouTubers at RackartygarnaTV we now have video evidence of what we just described, and that it’s much more fun than we ever imagined! A group of Swedish dudes have posted a video living out what we would like to do with our own just-for-messing-around rides. They take a second-generation Ford Explorer, spray paint it like crazy, and then beat the ever loving hell out of it until they kill it.


Slides, jumps, crashes, and multiple near-rollovers fill this four-minute video. They get the thing stuck, blow the suspension, completely de-bead a front tire, and even attempt to build a wooden jump ramp. Like we said, just like we used to do with our bikes! Needless to say, don’t expect to gain anything from this footage other than a good laugh and some mischievous thoughts.

If you will excuse us, we are going to spend the rest of the day looking for busted Ford SUVs on Craigslist!

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