1995 Bronco Keeps the Off-Road Dream Alive With a Supercharged V8!

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Forget about low-mileage garage queens, this purpose-built, amped-up Bronco is exactly what Ford intended it to be!

Late model Broncos are scarce these days. As the first and second-generation SUVs take off in terms of value, we’re starting to see plenty of low-mileage “survivors” pop up with huge price tags. While some of these babied gems are nice, Broncos weren’t built to sit in garages — they were born from a sweeping off-road craze that seized the country’s attention in the ’60s. Thankfully, this modified 1995 Ford Bronco aims to keep that spirit alive.

Take one look at the classic red, blue, and gray exterior and you’ll quickly realize this Bronco beams with Ford pride. The racy paint job covers lightweight fiberglass bodywork in lieu of sheet metal, which serves as the first hint of what lies underneath. Clearly, this ain’t your average bolt-on performance Bronco.


Instead of turning this SUV into a run-of-the-mill mall-crawler, the builder had something else in mind. He installed a first-class Camburg long-travel suspension with Kings shocks and differential lockers. Aggressive Toyo tires promise to grip the sand and dirt securely, which will come in handy given the beefy Ford Lightning-sourced 351 supercharged V8 under the hood. Now that’s exciting!

Despite an alleged $20,000 in parts and labor invested in this badass, it’s up for grabs in a Los Angeles area Craigslist ad for only $14,000. Of course, that seems like a fair deal considering the amount of work that went into this thing. Needless to say, we’d love to spend our hard-earned money on this off-road Bronco so we can have a blast on the weekends.

You know, just like Ford originally intended.

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