Photo Gallery: 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty Platinum

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super duty

Some may write it off as a luxury car, but this fancy behemoth can work the same, if not harder than any other Ford or competitor truck.

As we’ve already shared with you, sales for range-topping and high-end trucks like the F-250 Platinum pictured here are at an all-time high. Folks are craving the utilitarian features of an SUV-like, spacious cabin; the ruggedness and capability of a heavy-duty truck; and the comfort and safety features of a luxury car — all rolled into one Super Duty package.

super duty

super duty

We at Ford Truck Enthusiasts had the chance to spend a week at the wheel of one of these “all-in-one” trucks, and were left pretty surprised. Sure, there are a few things that put us off a bit, but there were others that simply amazed us.

Make sure to read our full review and find out if this $77k monster is worth its price in gold… err, or aluminum?

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Photos via: [driveswgirls]

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