Ford Raptor Performs Snow Removal in the Funnest Way Possible

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First-gen Raptor sings its 6.2-liter song while kicking up massive rooster tails of white stuff in pure defiance.

Even though spring is technically just weeks away, we can’t blame much of the country for still feeling the winter blues. After all, Mother Nature doesn’t seem to have received the memo, nor gotten the news about the always-wrong groundhog. Instead of sunny skies and pleasant temps, many of us have remained mired in a hellacious mix of snow, ice, and bitter air. So why not make the best of it, especially if you have a modded Ford Raptor?

That’s exactly what YouTuber Thatcher N decided to do recently, and he captured the footage for our own personal consumption. Even better, his particular Raptor is the first-gen V8 kind, and it’s been treated to a few mods. They include headers and a Roush exhaust, which obviously unleashes quite the pleasant, addictive roar. The kind of sounds you want to hear over and over again, despite the negative effects they have on fuel mileage.

Ford Raptor

We already know the Raptor makes quite the off-road machine, of course. But in two-wheel drive mode, it also makes one heck of a fun winter toy in this case, too. With just a tiny bit of throttle manipulation, our driver is able to cut donuts with ease. He slices through deep snow drifts and slides around corners. All the while kicking up huge rooster tails of white stuff like it’s nothing.

Ford Raptor

And the whole time, this Raptor sings the song of its 6.2-liter heart. Altogether, it’s enough to warm our souls, no matter how cold it is outside. And it’s just further proof that the best cure for the winter blues is a badass Ford pickup!

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