Ford Trucks ‘How-to’: Beat the Winter Blues by Getting Your Ford Ready for Summer

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From fixing fog lights to quick tune ups, FTE‘s ‘How-tos’ have an easy-to-follow guide for your F-150, F-250, F-350 and more.

Usually, over here at the Ford Trucks headquarters in SoCal, when we’re bored and slagging off work, we often find ourselves wasting countless hours online perusing pop culture websites and catching up on the latest sports scores and celebrity fodder. But lately, in sticking with our New Year’s resolution to make 2019 a more productive year than last, we’ve found ourselves perusing more useful endeavors, like the countless invaluable “How-to” posts in the FTE forums. After all, when you’re driving home through a winter storm, that’s not the time you want to learn that your fog lights don’t work, or that your truck’s heater is on the blink.

So, it’s not only fascinating paging through the “How-tos”and learning all there is about our favorite trucks, but the How-tos are also invaluable in helping to stay abreast of your Ford truck’s health before any part of it suffers an unexpected set back.

And now that Mother Nature seems to be giving most of the country a chilly does of winter storms, it is the perfect time to check out some of the How-tos that show how to replace or repair any important truck parts that are necessary to ensure a safe drive, especially in challenging weather, from fog light replacement to upkeep on the transmission.

Plus, to make things easy, the How-tos section is divided into two sections: F-150s and posts relating to F-250s and F-350s. And, before you even kick-start your new project, the How-to posts feature quick-study graphics that tell you the approximate work time required, the cost and the difficulty level. Check  out the Ford Truck Enthusiasts How-tos here.

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