Beautiful 1973 Ford F-250 Project Makes Us Green with Envy

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1973 Ford F-250

The only thing that can make a ’70s Ford truck project better is a few coats of killer green paint.

One thing’s for sure – our members here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts love their Dentside pickups. And so do we, obviously. The forums are ripe with incredible ’70s Ford truck projects, and many of them have gone through many hours of hard labor to get there. That certainly applies to 73GreenBean‘s amazing ’73 Ford F-250, but the results of all that work are definitely worth it, as you can see in the build thread.

“Hey everybody, just thought I’d share some pictures and info on a truck I’ve been working on for a couple winters. I’m new to this site, but I’ve been following and getting advice for this old survivor along the way. It’s great to have a resource like FTE! Anyway, on to the part everyone wants to hear.

It’s a ’73 F-250 with a 390 and a T18. It was converted to a sprayer rig for farm work before I bought it at an auction. It was in remarkable condition for a 2WD sprayer truck in Indiana weather! I’ve replaced nearly all the interior and done a complete rewire with some modern upgrades. Basically, it’s a frame-off restoration which has turned out to be well worth it!”

1973 Ford F-250

For us, anyway, the only thing better than a ’70s Ford truck is a green ’70s Ford truck. And this beauty is one of the nicest examples of that we’ve seen in some time. But despite what it looks like, this project wasn’t quite finished at this point.

“Blocking the bed today. It once had the two gas doors, but the front was trashed so it got fabbed in and smoothed out. Lots of typical salt rot, but I got it all blocked and ready.”

1973 Ford F-250

Regardless, there wasn’t much left to do to get this awesome old Ford project finished. So while the bed was in progress, the OP took his refreshed ’73 out for a little test drive. Then it was time to get back to work on little things, including a new headliner.

1973 Ford F-250

And that’s where this amazing project stands today. But you can bet this one will be worth following through to completion. So be sure and head over here to see this gorgeous old Ford creep closer to the finish line!

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