Diesel Ford Truck Winter Cold Start Symphony Sounds Sweet

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There’s no getting around it – winter sucks. But this group of Ford diesel cold starts will warm you right up.

Let’s be honest – for the most part, winter sucks. No matter how many times you tell yourself ‘this is fine,’ it is, in fact, not fine. When the wind hurts your face and there’s so much snow on the ground that you can’t tell the roads from the forest or the trees. But for millions of us, we simply soldier on and deal with it, because we simply don’t have much of a choice. Outside of moving to a warmer climate, that is.

At least owning a Ford truck makes winter a little more bearable. And all that nasty snow and ice provides us with a nice slick surface for some controlled shenanigans. But cold weather also affords Ford truck owners with something else that’s kinda entertaining – cold starts.

Ford Diesel Cold Start

The sheer extra volume provided when your engine is attempting to warm itself up is pretty much music to our ears. And thanks to this video from YouTuber Badass Diesels Club, you can enjoy it even if you live in some tropical paradise. There are plenty of clips in this compilation, and even though there are a few “other” brands here, there’s also a nice representation of Ford diesels.

Ford Diesel Cold Start

From a classic Dentside to a ’90s rig all the way to modern Super Duty pickups, it’s a nice sampling of many generations of diesels. Put it all together, and you’ve got a symphony for those of us that don’t care to get dressed up all fancy and hang out with a bunch of snooty folks. And in a way, it also helps ease the pain of another long, dreary winter!


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