Ford Ranger’s One-Wheel Burnout: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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A mild-looking Ford Ranger does a long, smoky burnout with just one tire spinning.

This week’s Tire Smokin Tuesday video comes to us from the YouTube channel of Hillbilly Automotive and it features a stock-looking Ford Ranger doing a nasty one-wheel burnout. Now, in most cases, a video description of “a stock-looking Ranger doing a one-wheel burnout” would be a snooze-fest that no one would want to watch, but this compact Ford pickup creates tons of smoke with just one tire.

The Great One-Wheel Peel

The video begins with the white Ford Ranger off in the distance smoking the passenger’s side rear tire. At this point, we can see that there is no smoke coming from the driver’s side tire, but the one tire that is spinning creates tons of smoke right away. There are no details on this pickup, but it sounds like it is likely powered by the stock engine – perhaps with an opened-up exhaust system. However, even with a small engine, the burnout action is hot and heavy from the beginning.

Ranger roasting a tire

As the video progresses, the Ford Ranger begins to creep forward with the rear tire continuing to billow smoke. As the cameraman moves closer to the action, the pickup pauses for a second before continuing its smoky forward progress. Even as the engine bounces off of the rev limiter and the engine screams, this Ranger never falters in its mission to finish off that right-rear tire.

In addition to doing a wicked rolling burnout, this Ford Ranger also does a fine job of upsetting the female passenger, who doesn’t appear to be enjoying her ridealone in this tire-slaying pickup. She is covering her ears at the sound of the high-revving small engine – just imagine how she would react to a V8 with open headers.

In any case, this Ranger does a wicked burnout, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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