Ford Ranger Endurance Testing: Throwback Thursday

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Watch Ford put the Australian Ranger through 24 hours of brutal testing.

Ford Motor Company will soon reintroduce the Ranger pickup to the US market. It is expected that the new mid-sized pickup coming to America will be similar to the version currently sold in a variety of foreign markets. For today’s Throwback Thursday segment, we bring you a look at how the 2016 Aussie Ranger was tested and marketed from the Auto Show YouTube channel.

2016 Ford Ranger T6 Testing

While we know very little about the Ford Ranger that will reach US dealerships in the next 18 months or so, we do know that it is being developed with help from the people who designed the current foreign-market pickup. With this in mind, we can expect that the new American version will be at least somewhat similar to the current Ranger sold around the world. That causes some American Ford truck fans to worry that it won’t be as tough as the F-Series pickups which are developed specifically for the US market, but this video should put those concerns to rest.

Torture Testing the Ranger

When Ford Motor Company wants to show off the toughness of the F-150 in the US market, they put together some sort of lengthy endurance test program that pushes the truck to its limits in a variety of settings. To emphasize the toughness of the Ford Ranger T6 in Australia (and other global markets), the Motor Company followed a similar process, exposing the mid-sized pickup to 24-straight hours of brutal testing.

To test the 2016 Ford Ranger in the most grueling conditions, the company took the mid-sized truck to hot, humid jungles of Thailand. Temperatures during this test were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels ranged from 70-90% as the truck climbed the steep, rough roads of the Thai jungle.

After 333 miles of driving with a heavy payload, a 3,000lb trailer was hooked up to the Ford Ranger and the testing continued – with the small pickup never missing a beat. As the test went on, the truck was loaded to a combined weight of more than 13,000lbs, but the 3.2L diesel powered through the test.

2016 Ford Ranger T6 Testing in Thailand

If nothing else, this video shows that the Ford Ranger T6 is put through similar brutal testing methods to the F-150 in America, so this new mid-sized pickup should do a fine job of challenging the Chevy Colorado on our home soil.

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