Heroic Ford Shields Family from Reckless Chevy Camaro

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Camaro Crash

Innocent people nearly pay the ultimate price when a Camaro’s burnout goes awry. Thankfully, a Ford Flex saves the day!

The Internet loves to chide Mustangs and their owners for the countless failed burnout attempts we’ve seen lately. But in reality, this sort of thing happens all the time, regardless of a specific make or model. It’s an epidemic of sorts, one that keeps happening for two reasons. One, many folks who own fast cars don’t have the skills required to drive them. Two, crowds love a good show, and they aren’t afraid to get close to the action.


The most recent incident of this sort went down at Wayne Downtown Days in Wayne, Michigan, which is nothing more than your average small town summer celebration. As things were wrapping up, a crowd apparently encouraged the owner of a first-gen Camaro to burn some rubber. Unfortunately, instead of giving them a smoke show, the driver lost control and the Chevy immediately rocketed into bystanders.

People can get seriously hurt when a less-than-skilled driver tries and fails to impress a raucous crowd, as you can see in this crash footage by Fox 2 News. We don’t have to stress how the scene could’ve ended in tragedy. Luckily, a hero stood between the errant Chevy and the crowd – and that hero was a Ford Flex.

The Flex was parked on the side of Michigan Avenue when the Camaro slammed into the SUV. The wannabe racer came to a stop at the edge of sidewalk, just mere feet away from a crowd, including a family with children. This proves once again that not all heroes wear capes, sometimes it’s two-tone paint jobs and four wheels!

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