Behold the Baddest Ford Model A Ever Built (Video)

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Although its resemblance to a stock Model A has been eradicated, we have a feeling Henry Ford would be proud of this bad boy.

Some vintage car collectors consider modifying a classic car a cardinal sin. Others, like ourselves, prefer to see an old-school ride be brought back to life in one way or another. After all, it’s better than sending a vintage beauty to the junkyard.

That’s exactly the case of this awesome Ford Model A off-roader, featured in another fun episode of the Motor Trend Channel‘s Dirt Everyday. The off-roading show and publication is known for creating their own cool vehicles to beat on the trails, but this time they’re featuring someone else’s creation.

Model A

The Ford Model A buggy belongs to Tim Lenig, he’s the president of the Line Mountain 4-Wheelers, and has been racing off-road for 40 years! This not only amazes Fred, the host, but also means a lot personally, as he is a local to that area of the state of Pennsylvania. After a short introduction of Tim and his buggy, they hit the trails to find out what the Model A is all about.

As we initially said, this off-road buggy hardly shares any characteristics with the original Model A, and that’s okay. Perhaps only the body remains somewhat reminiscent of the iconic Ford machine. That doesn’t make it less cool, but quite the opposite. The speed and agility this bad boy has is insane!

Check out the video and find out how awesome the little Ford really is.

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