Ford Conquers Detroit Free Press Car and Truck of the Year Awards

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Ford Mustang and F-150

In another decisive victory for the folks in Dearborn, the Detroit Free Press declared the 2015 Ford Mustang and the 2015 Ford F-150 as their Car and Truck of the Year winners. This is another decisive victory in their home town for Ford, also securing the vehicle of the year award from the Detroit News.

The Free Press interviewed Pete Reyes, F-150’s Chief Engineer about the changes to the new truck. According to Reyes, no matter what changes they can make to the power and drivetrains, reducing weight is the biggest way to improve fuel economy and towing and payload capacity. That’s why Ford opted to incorporate higher-strength, lighter-weight steel in the frame of the truck, and go aluminum for the bed and body. At over 700 lbs per truck saved in weight, the changes are noticeable.

freepawardThe Free Press also praised the 2.7L EcoBoost V6 in the new F-150. It comes standard with start-stop technology to save fuel, and still offers a decent amount of grunt. When I tested it back in October, I was genuinely impressed with that engine’s performance. I’d have no qualms about checking the $400 option over the base, non-turbo, 3.5L V6.

The Free Press also loves the changes to the new Mustang. The independent rear suspension makes the car much more livable on normal roads, and the EcoBoost power plant provides a mix of grunt and fuel economy. Also, the interior is much improved, but the car’s overall price didn’t rise much despite all the changes for the better. That’s a win for the consumer.

Photos courtesy of the Detroit Free Press.

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