Fix Your Ford F-150’s Raked Stance for Less Than $50

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Ford F-150

Today’s trucks come from the factory with an ugly rake. Thankfully, correcting that little problem is pretty easy.

Few of us would ever find any bones to pick with the new Ford F-150. Well, except maybe price. But that’s another debate for another day, friends. The problem we’re going to talk about today is that ugly factory rake. Pretty much everyone can agree that new trucks just don’t look right with a rear end that sits up a full two inches higher than the front. Thankfully, fixing that little issue is pretty easy and inexpensive. Just take a look at Reddit user u/Pr0cl1v1ty‘s leveled Ford F-150 for proof.

Using a simple set of $43 spacers he found on Amazon, our new F-150 owner totally transformed the look of his pickup. Or, as we like to say, he made it look like the way it should have coming from the factory. Sure, we know that the rake helps improve aerodynamics and fuel economy. But we’re more than happy to trade an mpg or two for the sake of looks.

Ford F-150

It should be noted that quite a few people don’t like the idea of using spacers. After all, they do put more stress on your front suspension and could contribute to wearing out parts quicker. But there are loads of other leveling kit options out there in the aftermarket, including adjustable shocks that get the job done. Of course, you’ll pay more for stuff like that.

No matter how you do it, we feel like leveling a Ford F-150 is a must-do job. If nothing else, it sure took this pretty red pickup to the next level, if you know what we mean!

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