Falcon Shocks Lift the Basic F-150 to Raptor-Like Performance

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Shock upgrade allows your basic F-150 to off-road like the Raptor while improving towing stability.

The newest Ford F-150 Raptor is, without question, the greatest factory-built off-roading truck ever. The “problem” for most prospective buyers is that the Raptor costs too much. But as this video from The Fast Lane Truck YouTube channel shows us, swapping to a set of Falcon shocks can add to any newer F-150 comparable off-roading capabilities to that of the Raptor, while also handling a heavy trailer more comfortably.

Falcon F-150 Testing

Testing with Falcon

Andre Smirnov, one of the hosts of The Fast Lane Truck (TFL) YouTube channel, traveled to Utah to test the newest Falcon shock absorbers on the newest Ford F-150. The goal was to see whether simply adding shocks and bigger tires could truly lift an average truck to the level of the mighty Raptor. To test these new shocks, TFL drove three trucks – a stock 2018 F-150, a 2018 F-150 with the Falcon suspension upgrades and a stock 2017 Raptor. The upgraded truck has Falcon’s adjustable front and rear shocks, bump stops and a leveling kit, along with a set of 33-inch off-road tires that are able to fit on the standard (non-Raptor) thanks to the added suspension height.

The testing process consisted of two phases – towing and off-roading. While this discussion is really more about off-roading, the towing portion shows the usefulness of the Falcon system for someone who doesn’t do much off-roading.

Trailer Testing

First, the host hooks up each of the three F-150 pickups to an open car trailer loaded with a built Jeep. This trailer package weighs around 7,000 pounds, so while it doesn’t push the maximum limits of the half-ton Ford truck, it is a pretty significant load.

Falcon F-150 Trailer Testing

During the trailing testing with the stock 2018 F-150, the host found that there was some sway at higher speeds on the bumpy road and when he got into the Raptor, he found the same to be true. Even with the Raptor’s high performance suspension setup, there was still some sway, but the Raptor isn’t built to tow a trailer – it is built to race through the dirt, but it is a capable towing vehicle.

When the host got into the 2018 F-150 with the Falcon suspension upgrades, he noticed an immediate difference. With the adjustable shocks set to their stiffest towing mode, sway was eliminated comparatively to the other two trucks. This shows that even if you aren’t a hardcore off-roader, swapping to the Falcon shocks can improve driveability for someone who regularly tows a heavy trailer.


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