2nd Gen Bronco Hits Show Circuit After Epic Adventure

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Ford Bronco

After a 1,400-mile trip home, it was time for our favorite new Bronco owner to hit the road once again.

Earlier this year, we brought you the incredible story of die-hard Ford fan Courtney Barber and her quest to find the perfect 2nd gen Bronco. Barber literally searched the globe to find the ideal ride. A journey that led her to drive her new ‘ute 1,400 miles home in an unforgettable, (mostly) trouble-free adventure. After wrenching on her new ride and whipping it into shape, we’re happy to report that both Barber and her Bronco were in attendance at the recent Bronco Super Celebration in Townsend, Tennessee.

Barber has been a notable figure in the Mustang community for years. But she admits being a little nervous about breaking into the Bronco world. “I was a little intimidated,” she admitted in this Ford Performance piece. “It would be my first time at a Bronco show and after years of attending Mustang shows with friends from all over the country, I was back to being newbie and knowing no one.” But an event like this would provide the perfect opportunity to bond with her new ride, so why not?

Ford Bronco

And this time around, the trip from Barber’s hometown of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was a mere 360 miles. Albeit across the twisty roads of the Smoky Mountains. So how did it go? Well, despite some issues with her GPS, the trip turned out to be a pretty awesome experience. “By the end I was glad I went this way. It was the first time I had taken the Bronco on anything with curves, and she did great so my confidence driving her grew ever so slightly.”

Ford Bronco

The event itself turned out to be pure Bronco paradise, too. One that allows participants to cruise around pretty much at will. On some of the most beautiful roads in the world, no doubt. And with no issues this time around, we’d say that Barber’s very first outing in her new ‘ute was quite the success!

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