F-150 Rules the Mud Drags: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday

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Even with two flat tires, this mud truck stomps the square-body Chevy.

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video comes to us from the chemymudboggers YouTube channel and it features a mud drag racing battle between a Ford F-150 and a square-body Chevy. The Ford blows both rear tires during the race, but it still beats the tar out of the Chevy.

The Competitors

We don’t have details on the Chevy but we do know that the F-150 was built by the team at Marc’s Auto Sales & Service out of Ontario, Canada.

The Ford F-150 is pulled to the line by a late model Chevy Silverado while the third-gen Chevy in the near lane drives to the starting line. This suggests that the Ford is such a monster that its effort is saved strictly for the track and in looking the F-150 over during the careful staging process, it looks the part of a purpose-built race truck.

F-150 Vs Chevy in Mud

The short bed, short cab Ford truck is lifted, making plenty of room under the decal-clad body for the big, beefy mud tires. There also appears to be a pro stock-style hood scoop facing towards the windshield, allowing the engine to pull in plenty of fresh air without sucking up any mud.

As for the Chevy, it sits a little higher than stock, but it has skinny tires tucked under the flared wheel openings. It looks ridiculous before the race starts and when the green lights drop, the F-150 makes the old GM truck look even worse.

The Race

As this mud drag race begins, the Ford F-150 blasts down into the deep part of the track while the Chevy driver eases down into the pit. The Ford roars from one end to the other, leaving the Chevy so far behind that it is quickly out of the frame, and as the F-150 bounces down the muddy track, it never slows.

However, as the Ford gets to the finish line and pulls onto dry land, we can see that both rear tires are flat. At half-track, the tires appeared to be fine, so they had to let go sometime during the final few feet of the race, but that didn’t slow the F-150 down at all.

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