Is the Ford F-Series Back on Top?

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For the last few months, the F-Series pickup wasn’t on the top of the heap in terms of pickup sales. It’s been a trend of Ford since the company launched the new F-150 with the aluminum body. People are terrified of not being able to fix the body if they damage it in some way. Chevy saw this and took full advantage of the situation and essentially called Ford out on it with a series of ads that make potential truck customers fear over the aluminum body.

However, even with all that negative marketing, all those attack ads, the F-Series pickup is back on top. However, it’s still way down from last year. Despite the new truck being one of the best pickups to date, people are still just not ready to full commit to the aluminum body.

According to Leftlanenews, the F-Series trucks are all down 2.4% over last year. Not good, but Ford has still managed to sell 357,000 trucks. So it’s not like it’s terrible.

What do you guys think of the aluminum issue, are you all ok with it? Has Ford been able to put your fears aside?

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