QUESTION OF THE WEEK What Size Wheels on Your Ford Truck or SUV?

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Back in the day, the majority of trucks and sport utility vehicles had small wheels with big, meaty tires which allowed these vehicles the best possible traction in every possible condition.

However, with the shift of popularity among those truck and SUV buyers who never get anywhere near any mud, we have seen bigger and bigger stock wheels on all of the Ford vehicles over the past decade.

At one point, most of the Ford trucks and SUVs came with 15-inch standard wheels while optional wheel packages traveled all of the way up to 17 – sometimes even 18-inches. That has changed a great deal, as the 2015 F-150 comes with a 17-inch standard wheel in base form while the higher end trimlines come with 20-inch wheels.

Even the base model Ford Escape – a vehicle which starts at just over $23k – comes with standard 17-inch wheels. The new Edge Sport comes with standard 20-inch wheels and option 21-inch rollers…which just goes to show how far the industry has come.

With all of this in mind, our newest Question of the Week asks you what size wheels you have on your Ford truck or SUV. Click here to head into the forum and make your pick in our poll!

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