F-150 Owners Share Their Accident-recovery Stories

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For one F-150 owner, a dashcam and quality insurance helped ensure he could recover from a total loss.

When you buy a new F-150, there’s a day that you pray never happens. It’s a day that can give you nightmares. We’re talking about the day that you get in an accident. Sometimes, you can hurt your F-150 by taking it off-road or doing something ill-advised. However, the accidents you dread most are the ones you don’t expect, as you just go about your business driving down the road.

Over at our brother site F-150 Forum, member Daniel Swantner recently shared a story about how he wrecked his 2016 F-150. What makes this even more painful for Swantner is the fact that, by all accounts, he did everything he was supposed to do during the rainy day in January. While driving down the highway in Houston, Texas, Swantner was cruising along in the HOV lane when out of nowhere, a blue sedan pulled out in front of him, causing a collision. Thankfully, Swanter had a dashcam and recorded the whole thing.

The purpose of his post was to gauge F-150 Forum members’ opinions on whether or not his “baby” was totaled. As you can see in the picture, the damage was pretty well contained to the front passenger side, but as anyone familiar with auto accidents knows, you can never tell from a quick glance.

Forum Member Wrecked 2016 F-150

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