Everyone in the Factory Drives a Ford Truck: Throwback Thursday

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The foreman announced that a Ford truck had its lights on and work screeched to a halt.

Actor John Corbett’s first big role was playing Kevin Arnold’s sister’s hippie boyfriend on the classic TV show The Wonder Years, but his role on Northern Exposure made him a popular enough actor to serve as a spokesman for Ford trucks in the late 1990s. This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video comes to us from the Classic Car Channel and it features one of Corbett’s Ford commercials, focusing on the popularity of the Ford F-Series pickup more than the trucks that were on sale at the time.

Late 90s Ford Truck Ad

The New Foreman

This Ford truck commercial narrated by Corbett explains that a guy named Frank is working his first night as the foreman at some sort of factory. The workers on the floor are all doing their thing when Frank announces that a Ford F-Series had its lights on in the parking lot. At that point, pretty much everyone in the factory stops what they are doing to heads outside to see if it is their truck in risk of a dead battery.

The hippie boyfriend from The Wonder Years jokes that Frank should probably get the Ford truck’s license plate number next time to prevent the unplanned work stoppage.

America’s Bestselling Truck

The F-Series has been the bestselling truck in America since the mid-1970s, so while it is a bit far-fetched that everyone in this factory would drive an F-150, F-250 or F-350, sales numbers suggest that in any average sample of vehicles, there will be more Ford trucks than any other vehicle. This commercial could work just as well today as it is did in the late-1990s as the F-Series has continued to lead the US market in sales volume every year, but today’s commercials tend to focus on the new models more than the overall success of the lineup.

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