Top 10 Ford Trucks from the Carlisle Truck Nationals

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Check out the coolest collection of Ford trucks spotted at the Carlisle Truck Nationals over the past few years.

The Carlisle Truck Nationals in Pennsylvania is one of the biggest truck shows on the East Coast of the United States, if not across the entire country, and the entire range of Ford trucks is always well represented. And as we look forward to the 2018 Carlisle Truck Nationals, happening Aug. 3-5, we have found videos from five of the past six years of the huge Carlisle truck show and picked out 10 of the most eye-catching trucks, vans and SUVs from the Motor Company. They also have a burnout competition, and the video above shows just one example of the tire-slaying fun.

In no particular order, here are our favorite Ford trucks from the Carlisle Truck Nationals from 2012 through 2017. Also, at the end of the piece, we have included each of the five event walk-through videos, providing a look at all of the trucks on display, from lowriders to mud trucks to big rigs. Kick back and take in some of the most awesome rides around…

Mild Builds

First up, here are five Ford trucks from the Carlisle Truck Nationals, taking a look at those trucks that haven’t been heavily modified, sometimes focusing on clean restorations rather than insane builds.

This beastly F-250 has huge wheels, a huge lift kit and huge exhaust, which is, of course, impressive. And so is the fact that it is also a super-clean truck.

Lifted Ford Truck

Now, this blue F-150 appears to be very nicely restored, with a mild lift, bigger wheels and modern fender badges.

Classic F-150

We only get a quick look at these two classic Broncos, but both of them appear to be restored with mild upgrades.

Classic Broncos

This Ford Super Duty has upgrade suspension, big wheels/tires, huge exhaust sticking up through the bed and a gorgeous paint job.

Super Duty in Flames

From the outside, this Ford Econoline van looks relatively boring, but inside, it has the layout and look of a log cabin.

Cabin Van

The More-Modified Models

Next up, here are five Ford trucks with far more extensive modification lists, including a big rig with F-Series parts.

This classic Ford truck is called the Bushwhacker and it appears in the videos below for 2014 and 2015, with huge tires, a big lift, custom body work and a great 80-s era paint job.
Bushwhacker Ford Truck

This Power Stroke-powered Ford F-350 looks ready for the off-road course, with modified suspension, big wheels/tires, stacks in the bed, a heavy duty front bumper, wheel flares and a winch.
Modified Ford F-350

There aren’t many Ford Rangers in the videos, but this one definitely jumps out at you. This truck was in Carlisle back in 2012, with a perfect 90s paint job, Lambo doors, a reverse-flip hood and a flip-up bed. Of course, this Ranger also has a lift and huge, chrome wheels.

Crazy Ranger

After featuring a Ranger with the full-flip body, here is an older F-Series with a similar build. This truck has a flip-forward front end, a hydraulically-controlled flipping bed, rear-wheel steering, huge wheels/tires and a stunning paint scheme.

Flip Front Ford Truck

Finally, we have this. We don’t believe that is actually a Ford truck, but rather, it is some variety of big rig with a Ford front end. Well, technically, it has two Ford front ends with one flipped over and stacked on top of the other. It also has the full body from the same era as the front end, but it clearly sits on a huge big rig chassis.

Big Rig Ford Front

The 2018 Carlisle All-Truck Nationals are being held in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on August 3rd through the 5th. If you love trucks of any style or any brand, you want to get to eastern PA in early August for one of the best truck shows that you will ever see.

In the meantime, check out the videos below of the event from five of the past six years, including those Ford trucks listed above.

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