HAPPY HALLOWEEN The Scariest Off-Road Rigs on FTE!

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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a wonderful time of the year. The stores are packed full of last-minute shoppers, awful childish music is polluting the air, and snotty-nosed kids show up at your doorstep wearing Ninja Turtle outfits and demanding some of your precious delicacies.

Maybe it’s not always the most convenient or cost effective time of the year, but admit it — you love Halloween. We all love Halloween.

It’s a time of the year to dress up and be a kid again, steal candy from children, and stay up late with a bowl of sweets and your belt undone. What you might not know is that it is also the time of the year when we showcase the scariest trucks on FTE!

Happy Halloween!

Most people don’t exactly aim to make their precious Ford particularly frightening. Well, maybe to the Camry driving too slow or the classic Beetle that seems just a bit too full of himself.

Either way, most Ford truck enthusiasts do not intentionally try to scare onlookers who just happen to see them cruising by. But even if this isn’t always the intention, some amazing rides have been built from what used to be stock Ford trucks, and now they are towering off-road demons with a roar and a monstrous stance.

The first of the scariest rigs on FTE is an amazing piece of machinery owned by redsuperduty. He originally built the 1978 Ford F-150 into a mud truck to race in the 44″ and up dot class.

It was basically unbeatable in the region, and so he decided to take it a step further: Make it into a mega truck. The rig has a 557 roller motor, a C6, custom rims, and tires that are big as hell. This thing is still being worked on (visit the thread), but just with its sheer size and potential it easily makes the cut!

Happy Halloween!

We’re not entirely sure what this next one is, but it is certainly a Ford. And not only is it a Ford, but it is one insane off-road beast that seems just a little too at ease with plowing through the rocks.

With no hood, big tires, and a name like “Define Crazy” it seems plainly obvious that this rig deserved to be featured today. The four-wheeling ghoul is owned by Ford truck enthusiast hav24wheel, who also seems to be building a rather interesting Frankenstein-style AMC.

Happy Halloween!

The final scariest rig on FTE is owned by fordsrgrt, and boy is it a mudding machine. He and his son recently went to the local track and took first place in this rather amazing ride.

Though not as tall as the other two picks, this truck most definitely belongs here. It plows through the slosh and mud like it’s absolutely nothing (watch it above!) and is fiercely loud!

Happy Halloween!

Everyone loves Halloween. Whether you like it because of the candy, the tricks, or the scary rigs doesn’t really matter. It’s an amazing time of the year to frighten the locals and admire some crazy trucks here on FTE while munching on sugary sweets all the while.

So what are you waiting for? Throw on your costume, grab your candy bowl, and don’t forget your Styrofoam sword — you never know what will happen on Halloween night!

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