THROWBACK VIDEO Old School Flatbed F-350 Doing Donuts

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This week’s Throwback video features a 1985 Ford F-350 Flatbed tow truck doing donuts in the snow and the action has obviously been captured on Betamax film, as the quality is pretty much the polar opposite of high definition.

The video quality is awful, but the content is pretty awesome as you don’t often see an old Ford F-350 flatbed tow truck doing donuts. Also, this clip will help you to appreciate the quality of new video technology.

85 f350 flatbed 600

This 1985 Ford F-350 flatbed tow truck is powered by a 6.9L non-turbo diesel mated to a 4-speed manual transmission…quite a far cry from the high powered, high tech drivetrain found in the modern F-350.

Really, while watching an F-350 flatbed hoon it up in the snow is a good time, sometimes Throwback Thursday serves to remind us that while the old school was great, modern technology isn’t all bad.

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