Darth Raptor is Ridiculous and Awesome

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Somehow, I don’t think the engineers at Ford were planning on their off road warrior to be a rolling emblem for the dark side. Despite that fact… It’s still pretty freaking sweet.


The owner of the truck is Oskaloosa, Iowa resident Trey Laymon. Instead of covering the Raptor with mud and dust, he’s vinyl wrapped the whole thing in an incredible homage to the dark side of the force.


They even lined the undercarriage with Sith-red neons.¬†In any other case we’d be tempted to call neons tacky, but… This is the exception.


Amazingly, the vinyls and custom interior aren’t even the best part.


Yeah. That’s a Han Solo encased in carbonite. Even if you don’t like Star Wars, you’ve gotta appreciate the commitment to detail. I mean a truck that can spring over dunes quicker than a sand speeder¬†and the ability to transport rebel scum? The Empire would be jealous.

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