Changing a Window 68-72

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How to remove window glass on
a 68-72 pickup:

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In this article, I’ll show you step by step how to remove
and replace the interior door panel, window glass, vent window, and window
regulator from your 68-72 F-series pickup.  Most other pre-97 pickups are similar,
but this article concentrates on the 68-72 door style.


Tools Needed:

Phillips screwdriver

Flat-blade screwdriver

3/8" deep socket

3"-6" locking extension


open-ended wrench


The first step is to lower the window fully, then remove the
window crank and armrest.  The window crank is a single Phillips-head screw,
while the armrest is held on with three 3/8" headed lag screws.  I recommend
using a deep socket on a locking extension, since the bolts are quite deep into
the foam of the armrest, in holes as shown:



After the armrest is gone, you need to remove the handle and
panel.  If you have Ranger-style trim, you need to remove that first by prying
it off with the flat-bladed screwdriver.  If you have the plain steel panels,
the screws are already exposed around the edge.  The door release handle is
held on with two nuts.  Remove these and the handle:


Then remove the screws and the panel:


Next remove the Phillips-headed screw and single 3/8" nut
circled in red above.  There is also a screw on the leading edge of the door
above the vent window that needs to be removed.  Once these screws are removed,
pull the top of the vent window towards the rear of the door, and lift out,
along with the forward guide.  You will need to maneuver the lower mounting
around the weatherstripping by rotating the front of the vent window outwards.


You can now also remove the window glass by sliding forward
to disengage from the lift arm, and rotate the front of the glass upwards to
fit the lower edge through the opening left by the vent window.


Remove the four 3/8" bolts highlighted in blue above to
remove the window regulator mechanism.


Installation is the reverse of removal, just be careful not
to drop the window on installation, and be sure the window glass is fully
seated in the rear guide before installing the forward guide and vent window.

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